Date: 18th July 2016
8-in-1 Silicone Thumbstick Joystick Higher Bouchon For XBOX ONE FPS Controller
Product Descriptions:If your thumb stick is twice as high, it will require double the movement to account for the same input as a standard/unaltered analog stick. This means, your sensitivity will feel like it has halved with these sticks on. The beauty of this, is that it allows you to increase your sensitivity and still feel in control. When a fast movement is needed, just turn the stick in the ultimate direction to achieve incredible reflex and reaction times. People will question your recent improvement!!This product is compatible with XBOX ONE controller.Made from high quality ,more comfortable and durable.Anti-skid function,avoid your sweaty worries and give you complete game pleasures.Easy to install and operation ,only take seconds.?Features:- High quality and durable rubber thumb grips to protect your XBOX ONE analog sticks and enhance your gaming experience- 2 pairs extra height design for more precision and sensitivity in FPS games- 2 pairs normal design for more comfortable grips in most games;?- Packed 8pcs in 4 different types; All are concave and convex types- Quickly mount over existing new or worn analog thumbsticksCompatible with:XBOX ONEItem:1* 8-in-1 Silicone Thumbstick Joystick Higher Bouchon for XBOX ONE FPS Controller
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