Date: 18th July 2016
Replacement Thumb Grips Stick + D-Pad And Bumper Button Bullet Set For XBOX ONE Elite Controller
Description:Swap between a variety of metal thumbsticks and D-pads for personalized control and ergonomics. Discover configurations that can improve accuracy, speed, and reach with thumbsticks of different shapes and sizes. The Xbox Elite controller adapts to your hand size and play style. You?ll experience better control whether you play FPS, racing, fighting, or other genres. The new, faceted D-pad enables easier and more reliable combo execution, while the traditional D-pad provides precise control to change weapons or call in a strike.The paddles give your fingers more control, so you can execute devastating moves and experience more efficient control. Now you don?t have to take your thumbs off the thumbstick to execute intricate jump, aim, and shoot combinations. With the app*, you can assign a wide range of inputs to each paddle.Features:Perfect fit and an ideal replacement for your xbox one elite controllerWhen you xbox one elite controller accessories was loose,then will save your controller .Give your controller a new fresh look. Replace the old and broken buttons with this new fresh exclusive buttonsPacking included:Tall Analog thumbsticksk * 2Mid-Tall Analog thumbsticks * 2Domed Mid-tall Analog thumbsticks * 2Upper Paddles * 2Lower Paddles * 2Directional Pads * 2Item:1* Replacement Thumb Grips Stick + D-Pad and Bumper Button Bullet Set for XBOX ONE Elite Controller
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